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Transguard® Series to Include Miniature Multilayer Varistors

AVX Corporation has expanded its Transguard® multilayer varistor (MLV) series that clamp transients and filter EMI in one ultra compact device. Designed for all small handheld devices, the miniature 0201 bi-directional transient voltage suppressor provides minimal signal distortion and low insertion loss. The Transguard 0201 multilayer varistors are ideal for handheld devices including cell phones and PDAs, as well as embedded components such as hearing aids and camera modules.

The miniature size Transguard 0201 can decrease the chip count on printed circuit boards, reducing the amount of real estate needed. The MLV is a cost-effective product that solves the need for a circuit protection device that meets space constraints and provides superior protection versus larger components.

Initial offerings of the miniature Transguard Series includes 15pf and 33pf capacitance devices with a 5.6V rating in an 0201 case size. These productshave multiple strike capability and are able to withstand 1,000 strikes at8KV of contact. The Transguard Series features a sub 1nS response time to ESD strike. The devices have a leakage current of <5µA at rated voltage.

Typical pricing ranges from $0.005-$0.024 for standard commercial product depending on volume with a lead time of stock to 8 weeks.

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