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Tighter Tolerance, High-Voltage Resistors

Murata Electronics North America introduced the MHR03xx series of high voltage resistors that are available with tighter tolerances than previous versions. The narrower tolerance parts are the result of Murata's advanced laser trimming technology and can help reduce costs by replacing more expensive variable resistors in certain types of designs. The new resistors in the 1Mohm to 100Mohm range provide ±0.5% tolerances and parts up to 500Mohm can be produced with tolerances of ±1%. These advanced resistors are ideal for use in a variety of electronics, such as office equipment, air conditioning systems, household and beauty appliances, automotive electronics including diesel particulate filters, and health care applications such as diagnostic equipment, including MRI and x-ray machines.

The smallest part in the MHR03xx series is the MHR0307SA, available in 1 Mohm to 500Mohm versions with operating voltage up to 3.0kVdc and rated power of 0.3W. The MHR0307SA measures 7.6mm x 5.0mm x 2.5mm with a lead pitch of 5.08mm. At the other end of the range, the MHR0319SA measures 20.2mm x 5.0 mm x 2.5mm with a lead pitch of 17.78mm. These resistors can operate up to 14.0kVDC with rated power of 1.0W and are available up to 1000Mohm.

Sample pricing of Murata's MHR03xx resistor series is $0.48 in small quantities and the lead-time is five weeks.

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