Power Electronics

Three Phase Filter for Renewable Energy (Wind Generation)

Premo has developed a HCWMGF-series of filters for applications in renewable energy equipment, UPS, inverters and power inverters, with a maximum operating voltage up to 720Vac.

Renewable energies are now becoming an ever-growing alternative to generating electricity. This is the case of power generation through windmills. The power injection on the network must be done cleanly; this means that the power generating must inject it with RF noise free. The radio frequency noise that typically range from 10kHz to 30MHz is unintentionally injected into the network and therefore requires the use of an appropriate filter element: this is both the desired frequency range, such as attenuation and current capacity required.

Main characteristics:

  • Three phase filter of three stage (high performance)
  • Insertion loss above 40dB in the whole range (reaching 80dB between 200kHz & 1MHz)
  • Dielectric Strength above 3000Vdc
  • Flamability UL94 V2

HCWMGF series is available in three phase version L1, L2, L3 (without neutral) from 150A to 2500A, with power losses less than 0.02%.

Part Number: HCWMGF

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