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Thin, Low-ESR Electrical Double-Layer Capacitors

Murata Electronics North America announced the development of thin, low-resistance, electrical double-layer capacitors (EDLCs), also referred to as supercapacitors. EDLCs do not have traditional dielectric layers, rather they utilize the phenomenon of storing charge in an "electrical double layer" that is formed at the solid-liquid interface. This advanced technology not only extends Murata's presence into the energy device market, but complements its current ceramic and polymer technologies found in today's portable devices.

Via optimization of the electro chemical properties and advanced packaging, Murata's DMD and DME series offer a compact part with a high capacitance, high voltage with very low equivalent series resistance (ESR) over a wide temperature range. Additionally, Murata's EDLCs offer much higher energy storage and power density than any existing conventional capacitor technology. These features make the Murata DMD and DME series ideal for applications requiring burst or pulse loads, like LED flash, audio circuits and power amplifiers. The ability to deliver peak current assistance to the load allows this product to extend battery life between charges.

The DMD and DME products offer low ESR (as little as 30 mohms at 1kHz) and enable high-current, and high charge-discharge rates. Murata's EDLCs also provide a high peak voltage of 2.7V per cell and exhibit stable output characteristics over a wide operating temperature range (-30°C to +70°C). Murata is also developing a series operating at temperatures up to +85°C.

Available in 2.7V and 5.5V options, the 2.7V single cell measures only 20.5mm X 18.5mm X 1.5mm with a 700mF value. The 5.5V double cell comes in a thin 20.5mm X 18.5mm X 3.0mm package in a 350mF value. The EDLC product series will be expanded to include additional values in 2012. Sample pricing for the 2.7V 700mF is $4.00 and $6.50 for the 5.5V 350 mF option. Lead-times range from stock to 8 weeks.

Murata Electronics North America
Part Number: DMD/DME

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