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Thin Film Chip Resistors Have Wide Resistance Range

Thin Film Chip Resistors Have Wide Resistance Range

Stackpole's RNCF Series thin film chip resistors offer a wide resistance range in tight tolerance and low TCR precision.  Resistance values from  24.9 W to 100 kW are available in the 2010 and 2512 sizes in 0.01% tolerances and ± 5 ppm TCR.  The 0603 size has the narrowest range and still offers values from 24.9 W up to 15 kW in the same tolerance and TCR. These wider resistance ranges expand the utilization of thin film precision resistors into applications and functions not typically associated with this resistor technology.


·     Precision voltage dividers

·     Test and measurement

·     Precision controls

·     Medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment

·     Audio amplifiers

The RNCF Series is available in sizes from 0201 up to 2512, in resistance values from 1 W up to 3M W.  Pricing varies with size, resistance value, tolerance, and TCR and ranges from $0.025 to $1.15 each in full reel quantities.  

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