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Thick Film Chip Resistors Withstand High Voltages

ROHM’s KTR series (KTR10 and KTR18) chip resistors utilize a proprietary structure and trimming process in order to provide a high-voltage resistance. This allows only one resistor to be used in high-voltage circuits normally requiring multiple resistors.

KTR10 (0805 size) and KTR18 (1206 size) feature a rated power of 0.125 W and 0.25 W and a limiting-element voltage of 300 V and 400 V, respectively. Resistance tolerances of ±1% and ±5% are available for both products.

The devices also feature improved voltage resistance due to an original trimming design and resistor pattern that prevent current concentration. Based on an ROHM study, the limiting element voltage of the KTR series is 2.6 times that of MCR series (KTR10), and the limiting element voltage of KTR series is 2.5 times that of MCR series (KTR18).

Product samples are available. Prices are $.0.0085 each for KTR10EZPJ, $0.0120 each for KTR10EZPF, $0.0120 each for KTR18EZPJ, and $0.0200 each for KTR18EZPF (minimum purchase: 5000 pieces).

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