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Thick Film Chip Resistors in 0612 and 1020 Case Sizes Offer 4X the Power Dissipation

Thick Film Chip Resistors in 0612 and 1020 Case Sizes Offer 4X the Power Dissipation

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. announced that it has extended its RCWE series of thick film surface-mount wraparound chip resistors with new devices in the 0612 and 1020 case sizes. Featuring long side terminations, the Vishay Dale RCWE0612 and RCWE1020 provide four times the power dissipation of standard devices in equivalent 1206 and 2010 footprints, saving space and reducing component counts in telecommunications, computer, industrial, and consumer applications.

The long side terminations of the RCWE0612 and RCWE1020 provide a shorter path for heat dissipation to the PCB, allowing them to provide enhanced power ratings to 1 W and 2 W, respectively. In addition, their construction reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) mismatch with the PCB, which increases reliability by reducing the possibility of solder joint cracks resulting from thermal cycles.

The AEC-Q200-qualified devices offer extremely low resistance values from 0.01 W to 0.976 W, tolerance down to ± 1 %, and TCR of ± 100 ppm/°C, ± 200 ppm/°C, and ± 300 ppm/°C. They are optimized as current sensing resistors and shunts in DC/DC converters, voltage regulation modules, and inverters in cell phones, computers, disc driver motor controls, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

Samples and production quantities of the RCWE0612 and RCWE1020 are available now, with lead times of six to eight weeks for large orders. Pricing for U.S. delivery starts at $0.12 per piece in 10,000-piece quantities.

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