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 Thick Film Chip Resistor Sample Kits Offer 5% Tolerance

Thick Film Chip Resistor Sample Kits Offer 5% Tolerance

Stackpole's RMCF Series thick film general purpose chip resistors are now available in 5% tolerance design kits. The 5% kits have been added to supplement the popular 1% design kits. Each kit contains two decades of all E24 standard values for 48 total values per kit. For the RMCF Series 0603 chip size for example, one kit will contain every value from 10 ohms through 910 ohms, the next will have 1 K through 91 K ohms, and the last kit has values from 100 K to 10 M, excluding a 9.1 M value.

These kits are useful in the design or prototype stage of the development cycle and the 4.5 inch square binders are compact enough to keep almost anywhere.

Applications include engineering test labs, circuit design, design prototyping, and pc board repair.

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