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Thermal Dielectric Serves as PCB Substrate

Laird Technologies’ T-preg HTD is a thermally conductive, electrically insulating pre-preg with high temperature and voltage properties for use in pc boards. T-preg HTD is RoHS compliant and uses an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Part of the Laird Technologies' T-lam line of products, the T-preg HTD is used to isolate copper circuit layers from an aluminum or copper base plate when making a metal-based pc board. It has a UL relative temperature index (RTI) rating of 150°C.

The T-preg HTD's pre-preg format allows the designer to improve the thermal performance of standard pc boards or to create power substrates on metal base plates. T-preg HTD is compatible with other board materials and fabrication techniques. Furthermore, HTD boards and substrates are compatible with both Sn-Pb and Pb-free solders as well as with surface mount and chip and wire assembly processes.

This product can be used for single or multi-layer metal board construction. The T-preg HTD substrate is available now and costs $0.03 to $0.08 per sq. in.

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