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Surge Supressors Include Flexible Cords

Tripp Lite’s surge suppressors, the Isobar ISOBAR825ULTRA and Protect It! TLP725 and TLP825, are equipped with 25-ft cords with right-angled plugs for greater flexibility, while protecting electronic equipment from damaging surges, spikes and line noise. The ISOBAR825ULTRA has a suppression rating of 2350 J, and features isolated filter banks which eliminate line noise interference between connected components. The TLP725 and TLP825 Protect It! surge suppressors offer economical ac surge protection, rated for 1000 J and 1900 J, respectively.

Additionally, the ISOBAR825ULTRA features eight outlets arranged in four filter banks. The TLP725 features seven outlets, and the TLP825 features eight outlets with child-safety covers.

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