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Surface-Mount Magnetic Reed Switch

Standex Electronics introduces the SR4J series of ultra small surface mount magnetic reed switch for non-contact position sensing. Over molded around a proven GR150 magnetic reed switch, this new J leaded version measures just 4.7mm in length and 1.7mm in height. The external leads of the reed switch form a tear drop terminal pad arrangement which preserves a greater portion of the initial magnetic circuit, thus enhancing the magnetic sensitivity of the sensor. The SR4J series boasts a maximum sensitivity range of 3/5 Ampere Turns (AT) (initial), and is available in a production range from 3 to 20 AT.

In addition to a small footprint and tight sensitivity range, the SR4J series is responsive - with a typical operating time of 0.2 milliseconds, and release time of 0.1 milliseconds (typical). They have a power rating of 1 VA maximum. A switching current (Max) of 0.05 Amp, DC is standard, as is a carry current rating (max) of 0.5 Amp, DC. Boasting an operating range of -40°C to +125 C, the SR4J is well suited for use wherever small size and sensitivity are required for non-contact position sensing applications.

"Our unique production process delivers very tight magnetic sensitivity ranges which allow design engineers to use the SR4J in environments with very low magnetic fields" said Standex VP Tom Gould. "Plus the tight sensitivity range of 3-to-5 Ampere Turns is unique within the industry."

Designed primarily to address the needs of medical device manufacturers for use within hearing aids, pill cams and other surgical and medical devices, the SR4J is also applicable for other markets such as consumer electronics, industrial, military, aerospace, and more.

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