Power Electronics

Surface Mount Inductor

Renco Electronics has released its newest surface mount inductor, the RL-9580 Series. The RL-9580 features sturdy assembly and the capacity to work at extremely high temperatures, allowing for reliable functioning even in arduous environments. This surface mount also handles high transient current spikes without saturation. In addition, the RL-9580 can operate at high frequencies up to 5 MHz and its composite construction allows for ultra-low EMI.

The RL-9580 Series is excellent for use in smartphones, desktop and notebook computers, server applications and high current power supplies. They run in an extremely broad temperature range of -40°C to +130°C and Renco provides shielded construction for added protection. The product comes in sets of 4,000 pieces packaged on tape and real and with a 1.2 mm profile, boasts the lowest height in this package footprint and lowest DCR in this package size.

Renco Electronics
Part Number: RL-9589

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