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Surface Mount Headers Endure High-Temperature Soldering

Tyco Electronics has introduced a line of surface-mount headers, the MTA-100, which offer designers a surface-mount connector product with 0.100-in. centerlines that can withstand up to 280°C soldering temperatures. MTA-100 surface mount headers are suitable for power connections on a wide range of industrial and commercial electronics including: garage door controls, HVAC controls, household appliances and power supplies. The headers are designed to mate with Tyco Electronics’ MTA-100 insulation displacement connectors and CST-100 II crimp, snap connectors.

Available in 2 to 18 contact positions, MTA-100 surface mount headers are rated for 250 Vac and 5 A. Contact finishes include tin, 15 micro-inch gold, and 30 micro-inch gold. The housing is UL 94-V0 high-temperature black nylon. Additionally, housings have back wall polarization housings and offer friction locking. MTA-100 surface-mount headers are priced at $0.10 per line at the 50,000-quantity level.

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