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Subminiature SMT Fuse Provides High Current Rating

Littelfuse's Nano2 456 Series ceramic fuses are fast-acting, subminiature SMT devices. They are rated for 20 A or 30 A, with interrupting ratings of 100 A at 125 Vac, and 300 A at 65 Vac, respectively. In addition to serving as an embedded secondary protection solution for pc servers, the 456 Series can also protect power supplies, wireless base stations, large-scale storage systems and other high-current electronic systems.

The series enables circuit engineers to design-in reliable primary and secondary overcurrent protection with a single miniature fuse. Beyond the benefit of space-saving design, the series can serve as a more stable and reliable alternative to using smaller fuses in tandem. Prior to the introduction of the 456 Series, a dual-fuse method was the only way to achieve circuit protection greater than 15 A using Nano fuses.

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