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Stainless Steel Braking/Crowbar Resistors Suit Alternative Energy Apps

Stainless Steel Braking/Crowbar Resistors Suit Alternative Energy Apps

 Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. introduced a series sof stainless steel braking/crowbar resistors featuring industry-high pulse energy capability up to 3.46 MJ and pulse current capability up to 12 kA for alternative energy and other heavy-duty applications. Higher pulse load capacity versions built to customer specifications are also available.

The Vishay Draloric resistors released today are optimized as crowbar resistors for frequency converters for three-phase generators in wind power plants and pumped-storage hydro power stations. In addition, they serve as brake and chopper resistors for railways, elevators, and industrial systems. The ULDCR resistors feature a patented self-supported, extremely robust, and compact modular design that is easily assembled into all of these applications. The resistors' component materials are also resistant to salt water.

For a single pulse, the devices feature a typical temperature rise below 350 °C. Offering high operating temperatures up to 375 °C, the ULDCR series provides resistance values from 1 mohm to several ohms, with available tolerances of ± 5 % and ± 10 % and a maximum expected change of resistance in service of less than ± 20 %. Manufactured without any organic compounds, the devices are RoHS-compliant and conform to Vishay "Green" standards. Samples and production quantities of the ULDCR resistors are available now, with lead times to 14 weeks for larger orders.

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