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SMT Power Inductors Feature High Saturation Levels

The PG0702NL from Pulse is a series of flat-coil surface mount power inductors that feature high saturation current levels, tight DCR tolerance, low thermal aging, and low cost.

Device type: flat-coil surface mount power inductors
Construction: ferrite core material
Inductance range: 0.40 µH to 3.0 µH
Current rating: peak saturation of 15 A to 45 A
DCR: 0.89 mΩ to 5.9 mΩ for high efficiency
Tolerance of DCR: ±6%
Operating frequency range: 100 kHz to 1 MHz
Operating temperature range: -40C to 130C with no thermal derating
Packaging: industry-standard 4040 footprint of 10.8 mm x 9.5 mm x 8 mm; three-pin design improves mechanical stability.
RoHS compliant? yes
Target applications: energy storage and filtering in voltage regulator modules (VRMs) used in notebooks, desktop computers, workstations, and servers as well as dc-dc applications, point-of-load converters, and other high-density, high-power, high-ambient temperature applications.
Pricing: starting at $0.25 in quantities of 500,000 pieces or more.š
Availability: available now
Data sheets posted on web? yes, see ww2.pulseeng.com

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