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SMT Inductors are WEEE-Compliant

The Coiltronics brand of high-current HC9 surface mount inductors from Cooper Bussmann Electronics Technology, a business unit of Cooper Bussmann, are designed for use in VRM (multi-phase buck regulator) circuits. They are suited for higher-speed switch-mode applications requiring lower inductance, low voltage and high current. WEEE-compliant, the design uses a high temperature powder iron core material with a nonorganic binder to eliminate thermal aging.

The HC9 inductors have a maximum total temperature operation of up to 155°C. Other specifications include an inductance range is 0.2 μH to 47.0 μH, a current range from 95.0 A to 3.65 A, and a frequency range from 1 kHz to 500 kHz. For pricing and availability, contact Cooper Bussmann.

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