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SMD Shunt Resistor Now Provides 0.2 mΩ

SMD Shunt Resistor Now Provides 0.2 mΩ

The HCS Series from Stackpole now includes an 0.2 mΩ resistance value in the 3920 and 5930 chip sizes.

This extremely low resistance value allows higher power current sensing with greater efficiency. In addition, the all-metal raised element means lower PCB temperatures due to increased convection under the part. The HCS typically runs 15 to 30 degrees C cooler than comparable sized flat chips. These low resistance SMD shunts also provide high accuracy with tolerances down to 1% and TCR as low as 50 ppm for select resistance values.

The HCS Series is AEC-Q200 qualified and is ideal for power supplies for a wide range of end products including HVAC, robotics, data and voice telecom, fuel power engine controls, electric motors, portable charging stations, and electric scooters.

Pricing for the HCS Series varies with size, resistance value, tolerance, and TCR

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