Power Electronics

SMD Pulse Transformers

TDK-EPC Corporation, a group company of TDK, has developed a new family of EPCOS brand EP5 SMD pulse transformers. Designed to couple MOSFET and IGBT gate drive circuits operating at switching speeds in the 50 kHz to low MHz range, these transformers include a wide range of turns ratios, polarities and outputs.


  • Miniature SMT package
  • Industry standard footprints
  • Low leakage inductance
  • Suitability for ambient temperature up to 85o C and operating temperature up to 125o C
  • 1500 V AC isolation voltage

These transformers are ideal for power FET and IGBT gate drive circuits, as well as forward converters, half bridge converters and full bridge converters in power supplies and telecom and EDP equipment.

Sample and production orders can be placed immediately at prices ranging from $.50 -$1.50 depending on type and quantity.

Part Number: EP5 SMD

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