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SMD Power Inductors Achieve T Level Reliability

SMD Power Inductors Achieve T Level Reliability

API Delevan is now offering three popular SMD Power Inductors with the"T" Level reliability rating, considered the highest reliability rating.

The MIL-P-1812, MIL-4922 and MIL-8532 meet all Military QPL requirements, and the ruggedized molded and leaded construction is proven against MIL-STD-202 mechanical vibration, moisture resistance, and DWV testing. All "T" Level inductors are thermally shocked for 25 cycles, burned-in for 96 hours, and x-ray inspected before customer delivery.

High-saturation ferrite core materials and thick AWG size wire offer these inductors higher operating power along with maximum operating efficiency, resulting in a cooler running product. Numerous inductance value options are available for maximum flexibility in the design of Power Supplies, Line Filters, and EMI Chokes.

Qualification to "T" level represents the most dependable off the shelf inductors available in the industry for use in high reliability applications, including space applications, medical instrumentation, down-hole oil and gas systems, and transportation industries.

All components are made in the USA, and full engineering support is available to assist with the user’s application, design, assembly and circuit testing needs.

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