Power Electronics

SMD Power Ferrite Designed for High Current Applications

The new WE-MPSB series are high-performance SMD power ferrites utilizing multilayer technology, which were designed specifically for the suppression of electromagnetic interference in power supplies and DC/DC converters. In contrast to common SMD ferrites, these components provide high impedance even at high nominal currents.

The series includes 11 components in the sizes 1612, 1812, 2220 and 3312 for impressive nominal currents of up to 10A. A high impedance of up to 550 Ω is achieved at a frequency of 100MHz. The 1612 design features a very low RDC of only 0.004 Ω. This is ideal for power supplies.

Würth Elektronik specifies a temperature range from -55° to +125° C.

Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc.
Part Number: WE-MPSB

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