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Small Footprint Low Leakage Current Supercapacitor

Cellergy announced its new CLC series, offering low leakage current (LC) for its small footprint products (12x12.5 mm), said to be the smallest footprint in the market, with heights ranging from 2.4 to 3.6 mm. The maximum LC for single cell configurations is 1.5 µA and for double cell configurations is 3 µA.

Cellergy supercapacitors are suited for pulse applications and are frequently used in conjunction with batteries to assist in delivering energy to the load. The new supercapacitors meet the needs of such low LC applications as RFID tags and wireless alarm systems, medical systems, low power transmitters, and remote controls. Other applications include energy harvesting (including WSN wireless sensor networks), audio systems, memory back-up, and as replacements for tantalum capacitors.

The CLC supercapacitors are offered with 3.5, 4.2, and 5.5 nominal voltages, ESRs from 300 to 720mΩ, and capacitances from 10 to 25 µF. The new supercapacitors offer an excellent solution for pulse applications which require high capacitance and low voltage drop. Supercapacitors bridge the gap between the power delivery limitations of batteries and the energy delivery capabilities of conventional capacitors, allowing for unlimited high pulse currents, and enabling reduction of the voltage drop in battery-operated applications.

Thanks to its unique patented cutting-edge screen printing process, Cellergy supercapacitors provide the smallest footprint on the market, along with cost-effective, energy-saving, high-performing, customizable and environmentally safe supercapacitors for space-limited applications in consumer, mobile, industrial, and medical electronics markets and other uses calling for inexpensive high volume production, and requiring long operating life between recharges or replacements.

Cellergy is ISO 9001; 2000 & ROHS Certified. The CLC series, like the entire Cellergy standard line, is available worldwide through Cellergy's distributor and representative networks.

Part Number: CLC

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