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Small Footprint Current Transformer

ICE Components, Inc. announces a major breakthrough in SMT current sense transformers. ICE's CT06 series uses a patented bobbin design to increase isolation and decrease the primary DCR in a smaller package. This improved design allows for a 33% reduction in CT footprint, a 300% increase in current rating and a 300% increase in hipot rating over typical SMT designs. The design meets basic insulation requirements for EN60950 applications.

ICE's CT06 series offers many advantages over current SMT CT's presently used in DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, intermediate bus converters, power supplies for telecom applications and power supplies for microprocessors.

  • Improved current rating (up to 18A) due to the lower primary DCR. Patented bobbin design minimizes the conductor path.
  • 33% smaller footprint than competing designs. Allows for a smaller board size to increase power density of converters.
  • Improved hipot rating of 1,500VAC. Provides a solution for a wide range of applications that previously had to use thru-hole CT's.
  • Improved frequency range. Small size minimizes parasitics, allowing operation in higher frequency applications.

Parts in this series are available in tape and reel with price averaging $0.57. Individual parts pricing may vary due to volume, configuration and shipping destination. Contact ICE Components directly for volume pricing, lead times and samples.

ICE Components, Inc.
Part Number: CT06

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