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Shunt Resistor Delivers Values Down to 100 μΩ

Vishay Intertechnology’s WSMS5515 is a power metal strip meter-shunt resistor that uses a proprietary processing technique to achieve values as low as 100 μΩ with values extending up to 500 μΩ. This low-resistance capability enables increased accuracy in current meter shunt applications for industrial and residential electronic power meters.

The resistor offers a 3-W rating in the 5515 case size. Other features include a 4-terminal (Kelvin) connection design, all-welded construction and a high power-to-resistor size ratio. In addition, the WSMS5515 has inductance values of <5 nH, a thermal EMF of <3μV/°C, and a frequency response to 50 MHz. Pricing in 10,000-piece quantities is $0.52 per piece.

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