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Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series for DC/DC Converters

Semi-Shielded Power Inductor Series for DC/DC Converters

Bourns, Inc. announced a new series of semi-shielded power inductors.  The semi-shielded SRN model series combines the features of non-shielded and shielded inductors, making them ideal for use in DC/DC converters, which provide power management to mobile electronic devices, computers, data storage devices and consumer electronics. Bourns' SRN series is also well-suited for industrial applications such as LED lighting, control circuits and GPS equipment.

Bourns' new semi-shielded power inductor series includes models SRN2010, SRN2012, SRN2510, SRN2512, SRN4012, SRN4026, SRN5040 and SRN6028.  The power inductor family delivers high inductance with an inductance range of 0.24 to 220 µH.  The series also features high-rated current with IRMS up to 4.7 A and ISAT up to 8 A.  All the models are RoHS compliant and halogen free.

This power inductor family uses semi-magnetic shielding technology instead of the conventional ferrite shield. Preventing uncontrolled magnetic coupling of the windings, the shielding compound is applied to the perimeter of the inductor, which envelops the winding, resulting in enhanced magnetic shielding and lower radiation emissions compared to non-shielded inductors. In addition, the power inductors have a greatly reduced footprint.

As a pricing reference, the Bourns model series is priced at $0.12 in 25k piece quantities, depending on model size. All models in the Bourns SRN series are available now.

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