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Schottky Diodes Have Small Form Factors

Vishay Intertechnology’s FCSP FlipKY chip-scale Schottky diodes have extremely small form factors. The series announced today includes 0.5-A, 1.0-A, and 1.5-A devices, with footprint dimensions of 0.9 mm x 1.2 mm, and 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm. The diodes have profiles of 0.6 mm for the 1-A device, and 0.5 mm for the 0.5-A device. They also offer low maximum forward voltages from 0.33 V to 0.47 V, and a maximum reverse voltage of 30 V or 40 V.

The FlipKY wafer-level, chip-scale format offers the anode and cathode on the same side of the die. The anode and cathode connections are made through solder-bump pads on one side of the silicon, enabling designers to strategically place the diodes on the pc board. The FlipKY series additionally offers full operation at 150°C. Pricing for the FlipKY devices starts at $ 0.0683 each in 10,000-piece quantities.

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