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Ruggedized Double Point Series Of Card Edge Connectors

Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc., released the full RDPS Series (Ruggedized Double Point Series) of card edge connectors optimized for superior durability in high-temperature, harsh environment applications. The RDPS Series is engineered to accept 0.062-in. (1.58 mm) thick daughter cards and is comprised of 0.100" (2.54 mm), 0.125" (3.18 mm), and 0.156" (3.96 mm) contact centerline parts. Notably, the parts' double-contact-point pin design promotes sturdier daughter card retention than traditional card edge connectors. This unique pin design, coupled with the series' material rating of from -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C, helps ensure high mating cycles, and long life for electronic systems and end products. The robust series also affords engineers the utmost in design flexibility as devices are supplied in dip solder, wire wrap, right angle bend, and card extender terminations, as well as with a choice of post lengths. Available mounting styles include clearance holes, threaded inserts, side mounting, and with/without mounting ears. Materials are UL94V-0 rated.

Sullins' RDPS Series may be confidently specified to connect high-density PC boards to 0.062" daughtercards in a wide range of industrial, consumer, and commercial systems and end products which need be resistant to vibration, drop shock, and short-circuits involving printed tracks on the PC board. Due to their durable double-contact-point pin construction and high-temperature rating, connectors are ideally suited for use in test and burn-in oven facilities, power converters, power suppliers, electronic component testing, communications equipment, medical equipment instrumentation, and automotive applications.

The double-row parts feature a current rating of 3 A per contact, and are provided in 6-70 contact positions (12 -140 pins). Rated to withstand +150 °C continual heat, parts' processing temperature range is up to 260 degrees C peak for 120 seconds. Insulator material options are PBT, PA9T, or PPS. Connectors are supplied standard with 10 microinch or 30 microinch selective gold plated phosphor bronze or BeCu (beryllium-copper) contacts to facilitate high-reliability soldering. They also feature a fully-insulated 50 microinch nickel underplate.

While firm pricing is determined depending on customers' specification, typical prices for Sullins' 6-position/12 pin RDPS card edge connectors start at $2.16 each in quantities of 1,000. Delivery is 5 days ARO.

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