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Right-Angle Hybrid Connectors Increase Power Density

The LPH low-profile hybrid right-angle connector from Molex reduces space and lowers cost compared to traditional power interconnects. This hybrid system offers a mixed power- and signal-contact design, intended to accommodate dc power requirements. Additionally, at a height of 7.50 mm, the Molex LPH connector also enhances system airflow, allowing power supplies and systems to run cooler.

With power blades rated up to 30.0 A per contact, 120.0 A per linear inch of pc board area is provided. The LPH connector is also designed to mate with either Molex plugs or an industry-standard 1.57-mm thick card edge. This feature provides greater flexibility for mating to the daughtercard. The connector is available with 4 to 10 power blades and 12 to 40 signal contacts to match individual system requirements, and is also offered with self-aligning-guide and/or pc-board-peg options. Prices start at $5.47 for a 4-power-blade / 12-signal-pin connector in quantities of 1000 pieces.

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