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Resistor Series Offers 1% Tolerance with Precision and Pulse Withstanding

Stackpole's RPC Series of film based chip resistors is now available in a 1% tolerance with outstanding pulse handling. This performance is achieved by using a more robust film element with a limited laser trim. Standard commercial chip resistors may have a significant laser trim to calibrate them to their required resistance value. Trimming a chip resistor can greatly reduce the amount of pulse power that each size chip can handle and may lead to wide variations in surge handling from part to part. The RPC series has a tightly controlled laser trim yielding superior pulse handling characteristics that are very consistent. For select sizes and resistance values, the RPC is also available in 0.5%tolerances.

The RPC Series is a good choice for power supply and motor startup applications where there is a significant power surge during power up and power down. It is also ideal for thermostats and HVAC controls, home entertainment and surveillance systems, fuel cell and alternative energy controls, industrial automation, LED Drivers, optical and vision systems, displays, and communication infrastructure.

The RPC Series is available in tape and reel packaging in 4K per reel for 2010 and 2512 sizes and 5K per reel for 0603-1210 sizes. Pricing for the RPC 1% varies with size, tolerance, and resistance value, and ranges from $0.035 each to $0.15 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributors for volume pricing.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Part Number: RPC

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