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Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistors Adds High Power Version

Pulse Withstanding Chip Resistors Adds High Power Version

The RPC Series from Stackpole is a thick film on ceramic technology designed to handle high pulse power and energy better than standard thick film chip resistors. Now Stackpole has added the RPC...-HP high power version for select sizes as follows:

  • RPC0603...-HP for values up to 294 ohms the power rating is 0.125W
  • RPC0603...-HP for values 300 ohms and up the power rating is 0.2W
  • RPC1206...-HP all values the power rating is 0.5W
  • RPC2010...-HP all values the power rating is 1W

Standard power ratings for the RPC0603 is 0.1 W, for the 1206 it is 0.33 W, and for the 2010 it is 0.75 W. This allows the RPC to be used in a wider variety of applications and can help design engineers downsize their design. Some applications include power supplies, LED Drivers, small motor controls, DSL modems, and thermostats and HVAC controls.

Pricing for the RPC...-HP varies depending on size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges from $0.045 to $0.25 in full reel quantities. 

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