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Protection Array Doubles Protection Levels To Safeguard New Advanced Networking Transceivers

Semtech Corp. announced the RClamp 0554S device, a 5V working voltage, ultra-low clamping voltage protection array built on Semtech's revolutionary process technology. As higher surge immunity standards are being required by many global telecommunication carriers, the RClamp 0554S device is poised to address a growing need for elevated surge protection. This device safeguards high-speed USB and Ethernet data interfaces, offering best in class protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), cable discharge and lightning surge transients.

The four-line protection array features an exceptionally low clamping voltage profile and a line-to-line capacitance of less than 4pF. The part’s robust (25A, tp=8/20μs) surge rating for secondary lightning protection meets the industry’s stringent telecommunications surge requirements, making it ideal for safeguarding communications transceivers within the telecom infrastructure.

As next generation data transceivers achieve further miniaturization, low clamping voltage and low capacitance protection devices are critical to safeguarding USB and Ethernet based electronic systems. The RClamp 0554S device is housed in an industry standard SOT-23 package, can serve as a drop-in replacement for existing popular SOT-23 TVS arrays, offering system designers a migration path to access a remarkably higher level of protection in the same footprint package. Compared to previous generation TVS arrays, the RClamp 0554S device offers more than a 50% reduction in surge clamping performance at the peak pulse current and more than 20% reduction in ESD clamping voltage.

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