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Product Library And Capacitor Models Are Now Available On The Simetrix/Simplis Simulation Tool

KEMET Corporation announced that it has released its full line of capacitor models to the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS simulation software, which allows Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, and board design engineers to model the decoupling scheme of a printed circuit board using the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS simulation software. KEMET's new low ESR and low ESL polymer products are specifically designed for the high speed processor board level decoupling applications.

Using the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS simulation tool, design engineers will have the ability to model the time-domain and frequency behavior of Aluminum, Film, Ceramic, and Tantalum SMD capacitors manufactured by KEMET. This new resource will make it easier for the products of tomorrow to be designed using KEMET capacitors. KEMET has modeling software, Spice, which is available on its website kemet.com. Spice is a freeware product that aids design engineers by analyzing the performance of capacitors.

"KEMET's goal is to get our models to perform with the most accepted, demanding, and accurate simulation software tools and we believe that we accomplish this goal with tools created by SIMetrix/SIMPLIS," stated John D. Prymak, Director Advanced Applications, KEMET Electronics Corp. "Our focus continues to be on partnering with design engineers and helping to find the right capacitance solutions to accomplish their project's specific need," continued Prymak.

"SIMPLIS is the industry leading simulation tool that assists designers in figuring out how many and what type of output capacitors they need to address their customer's application requirements," stated Tom Wilson, President, SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc. "By taking this need seriously, and providing such high quality simulation models for their capacitors, KEMET is providing designers with extremely helpful information that will allow them to optimize their designs for cost and performance," continued Wilson.

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