Power Electronics

Precision Thick Film Resistors Target Consumer Electronics Applications

Yageo Corporation announced new RE precision thick film resistors designed to generate superior performance and reliability of precision apparatus. Featuring precision tolerance and ultra-low temperature coefficient, Yageo's new RE series come in four sizes targeting applications in measuring instruments, industrial controls, medical treatment, broadband communication and consumer electronics. Yageo expects the launch of RE precision thick film resistors will boost specialty product revenue by over 5%. Samples have been sent to major customers with mass production underway.

Backed by proprietary materials and process technology, Yageo's new RE precision thick film resistors offer customers industry leading solutions comparable with their thin film counterparts at competitive prices. In comparison with RC series, Yageo's new RE series of 0402/0603/0805/1206 sizes, has significantly lowered the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) to ±50ppm/ºC while raising the precision tolerance ratio to 0.5% to strengthen the electrical stability of end products in meeting the requirements of circuit design for precision resistance components.

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