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Precision Chip Resistor Has Extremely Tight Tolerances

Precision Chip Resistor Has Extremely Tight Tolerances

Ultra-tight tolerances down to ±0.01% have been achieved by using advanced thin film technology in ARCOL's new APC Precision Chip resistor.

With an extremely low TCR, down to ±2ppm/oC and a wide resistance range from 1ohm to 3Megaohm, this latest addition to the ARCOL/Ohmite family of resistors embodies all the benefits and advantages of thin-film technology including high power handling, high stability, and low noise - making them ideally suited for applications such as medical equipment, testing and measurement equipment.

While suitable for a broad range of applications and end-products requiring high power and long-term reliability in a low-profile resistor, in those situations where a much smaller-sized resistor is required, ARCOL can also supply the APC in a miniature package for use in communications devices and other applications requiring smaller footprints.

The resistors are supplied in a choice of either tape or standard reel packaging.

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