Power Electronics

Power Inductors for Low Cost Point-of-Load and VRM Applications

ICE Components, Inc. introduces the I02 series of high current power inductors. ICE's I02 series features a small footprint and high power density, all an economical package that is suitable for DC/DC converters, VRMs and other point-of-load applications.


  • 60A current rating
  • 0.22µH to 0.81µH inductance range
  • As low as 0.6 mΩ DCR, lower DCRs than similar toroid designs
  • 16mm(L) x 13.2mm(W) x 9.2mm(H)

The I02 series is intended for low cost point-of-load or VRM applications. Their great heat dissipation and high temperature rating really improves the current density and overall circuit size . Its shielded E-core design is important for EMI (electromagnetic interference) performance and helps speed the time to market. Parts in this series are available with prices averaging $0.54. Individual parts pricing may vary due to volume, configuration and shipping destination.

ICE Components, Inc.
Part Number: 102 Series

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