Power Electronics
Power Electronics Online Buying Guide: Passive Components

Power Electronics Online Buying Guide: Passive Components


Company City, State (Country) URL Types
AFP Transformers, LLC  Edison,  NJ  http://www.afptransformers.com  Mag
API Delevan  East Aurora, NY  http://delevan.com  Mag
AVX  Greenville, SC  http://www.avx.com  Cap
Abracon  Corp.  Rancho Santa Margarita,  CA  http://www.abracon.com  Mag
Aeroflex  Plainview, NY  http://www.aeroflex.com  Res
Alpha-Core Div.  Shelton, CT  http://www.alphacoredirect.com  Mag
American Technical Ceramics  Huntington Station, NY  http://www.atceramics.com  Res
BI Technologies (TT Electronics)  Fullerton,  CA  http://www.ttelectronics.com  Res
Bourns  Riverside,  CA  http://www.bourns.com  Res
Bridgeport Magnetics Group Inc.  Shelton,  CA  www.bridgeportmagnetics.com  Mag
CTS Corp.  Elkhart,  IN  http://www.ctscorp.com  Res
Caddock  Riverside,  CA  http://www.caddock.com  Res
Cellergy  Migdal Haemek, China  http://www.cellergycap.com  Ultra-Cap
Coil Master Electronics Co., Ltd.  Chung Li City, China  http://www.coilmaster.com.tw  Mag
Coilcraft  Cary, IL  http://www.coilcraft-cps.com  Mag
Component General Inc.  Odessa, FL  http://www.componentgeneral.com  Res
Datatronic Distribution  Menifee,  CA  http://www.datatronics.com  Mag
Dearborn Electronics  Longwood,  FL  http://www.dearbornelectronics.com  Cap
Dexter Magnetic Technologies  Elk Grove Village,  IL  http://www.dextermag.com  Mag
E Craftsmen Corp.  Waterloo,  ON  http://www.ecraftsmen.rtk.com  Mag
EBG  Middletown, PA  http://www.ebgusa.com  HV Res
EMC Technology  Stuart,  FL  http://www.emc-rflabs.com  Res
Electro Technik Industries  Clearwater,  FL  http://www.electrotechnik.com  Res
Electrocube  Pomona,  CA  http://www.electrocube.com  Cap
Electronic Concepts  Eatontown,  NJ  http://www.ecicaps.com  Cap
Elna Maggnetics  Saugerties, NY  http://www.elnamagnetics.com  Mag
Foster Transformer  Cincinnati, OH  http://www.foster-transformer.com  Mag
Frontier Electronics Corp.  Simi Valley,  CA  http://www.frontierusa.com  Mag
GB International  Endicott,  NY  http://www.gbint.com  Mag
Gowanda Electronics  Gowanda,  NY  http://www.gowanda,com  Mag
HVR Advanced Power Components, Inc.  Cheektowaga,  NY  http://www.hvrapc.com  Res
Haimen Sancon Electronics Co., Ltd.  Nantong,  China  http://www.sancon.gmc.globalmarket.com  Cap
Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.  Baraboo,  WI  http://www.hammondpowersolutions.com  Mag
Hitachi AIC Inc.  Tokyo,    China  http://www.hitachi-aic.com  Cap
Holystone Capacitors Murietta,  CA  http//www.holystonecaps.com  Cap
ICE Components, Inc.  Marietta,  GA  http://www.icecomponents.com  Mag
IRC (TT Electronics)  Corpus Christi, TX  http://www.irctt.com  Res
ITW Paktron  Lynchburg,  VA  http://www.paktron.com  Cap
Illinois Capacitor, Inc.  Lincolnwood,  VA  http://www.illcap.com  Cap
Inductor Supply Inc.  Huntington Beach,  CA  http://www.inductorsupply.com  Mag
Innovative Power, Inc.  Romoland,  CA  http://www.ipimagnetics.com  Mag
International Manufacturing Services (IMS) Portsmouth,  RI  http://www.ims-resistors.com  Res
Ioxus, Inc.  Oneonta,  NY  http://www.ioxus.com  Ultra-Cap
Isotek Corp.  Swansea,  MA  http://www.isotekcorp.com  Res
Johanson Dielectrics  Sylmar,  CA  http://www.johansondielectrics.com  Cap
Johnson Electric Coil Co.  Antigo,  WI  http://www.johnsoncoil.com  Mag
KOA Speer Electronics, Inc.  Bradford,  PA  http://www.KOASpeer.com  Res
Kamaya  Fort Wayne,  IN  http://www.kamaya.com  Res
Kanthal Globar  Amherst,  IN  http://www.globar.com  Cap,  Res, Ultra-Cap
Kemet  Greenville,  NC  http://www.kemet.com  Cap
Kyocera  Kyoto,     Japan  http://www.globalkyocera.com  Cap
Lenco McHenry,  IL  http://www.lenco-electric.com  Mag
MH&W International Corp.  Mahwah, NJ  http://www.mhw-intl.com  Mag
MPS Gardena,  CA  http://www.mpsind.com  Mag
Mag Layers USA, Inc.  Irvine ,CA  http://www.maglayersusa.com  Mag
Magnetic Specialties Telford, PA  http://www.magspecinc.com  Mag
Maxwell Technologies Inc.  San Diego,  CA  http://www.maxwell.com  Ultra-Cap
Meritek Electronics Corp.  Santa Fe Springs,CA  http://www.meritekusa.com  Cap,  Res
Micro-Ohm Corp.  Duarte  CA  http://www.micro-ohm.com  Res
Microprecision Electronics SA  Vouvry, Switzerland  http://www.microprecision.ch  Res
Mina Inc.  Providence,  RI  http://www.minamag.com  Mag
Murata Electronics North America  Smyrna, GA  http://www.murata-northamerica.com  Cap
NIC Components  Melville,  NY  http://www.niccomp.com  Cap, Res
Novotechnik U.S.  Southborough,  MA  http://www.novotechnik.com  Res
Ohmcraft  Honeoye, NY  http://www.ohmcraft.com  Res
Ohmite Mfg. Co.  Arlington Heights,  IL  http://www.ohmite.com  Res
Pacific Resistor Co.  Tarzana,  CA  http://www.pacificresistor.com  Res
Payton Planar Magnetics  Deerfield Beach,  FL  http://www.paytongroup  Mag
Precision Resistive Products, Inc.  Mediapolis,  IA  http://www.prpinc.com  Res
Precision Resistor Co., Inc.  Largo,  FL  http://www.precisionresistor.com  Res
Precision, Inc.  Minneapolis,  MN  http://www.precision-inc.com  Mag
Prem Magnetics, Inc.  Johnsburg,  IL  http://www.premmag.com  Mag
Premo  Malaga, Spain  http://www.grupopremo.com  Mag
Presidio Components Inc.  San Diego, CA  http://www.presidiocomponents.com  Cap
Pulse Electronics Corporation  San Diego, CA  http://www.pulselectronics.com  Mag
RARA Electronics Corp.  Incheon,    Spain  http://www.raraohm.com  Res
RCD Components  Manchester,  NH  http://www.rcd-comp.com  Cap, Res
Renco Electronics  Rockledge,  FL  http://www.rencousa.com  Mag
Riedon  Alhambra, CA  http://www.riedon.com  Res
SBElectronics, Inc.  Barre,  VT  http://www.sbelectronics.com  Cap
Schott Magnetics  San Diego,  CA  http://www.schottcorp.com  Mag
Signal Transformer Inc.  Inwood, NY  http://www.signaltransformer.com  Mag
Stackpole Electronics Inc.  Raleigh,  NC  http://www.seielect.com  Res
State of the Art, Inc.  State College,  PA  http://www.resistor.com  Res
TDK-EPS Corporation  Irving,  TX  http://www.tdktca.com  Cap
TT electronics plc  Bedlington,  UK  http://www.ttelectronics.com  Res
Tecate Industries  San Diego,  CA  http://www.tecategroup.com  Cap,  Ultra-Cap
Thin Film Technology Corp.  N. Mankato,  MN  http://www.thin-film.com  Res
Thunder Components Ltd.  New Taipei City,    Taiwan  http://www.thunderco.com.tw  Cap,  Res
Token Chuna Precision Power Corp.  Shenzhen,   Taiwan  http://www.tokenchina.com  Res
Torelco  Phillipsburg,  NJ  http://www.torelco.com  Mag
Transformer Manufacturer Inc.  Norridge. IL  http://www.tmitranformers.com  Mag
Triad Magnetics  Corona,  CA  http://www.triadmagnetics  Mag
United Chemi-Con Inc.  Rosemont,  IL  http://www.chemi-con.com  Cap
Vantran Transformers  Waco,  TX  http://www.vantean.com  Mag
Viking Tech Corp.  HsinChu Ind. Park,   Taiwan  http://www.viking.com.tw  Cap, Res
Vishay Intertechnology  Malvern,  PA  http://www.vishay.com  Cap,  Res
Vishay Precision Group, Inc.  Malvern,  PA  http://www.vishayvpg.com  Res
Welwyn (TT Electronics)  Weybridge, Surrey, UK  http://www.welwyn-tt.com  Res
Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc.  Watertown,  SD  http://www.we-online.com/midcom  Mag
Ywh Chau Electric Co.. LTd  Taipei-Hsien,    Taiwan  http://www.yeso.com  Res

Cap = Capacitors

Res = Resistors

Mag = Magnetics

Ultra-Cap = Ultra-Capacitors

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