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Polypropylene Film Capacitor Line for UPS Systems

Polypropylene Film Capacitor Line for UPS Systems

Aerovox Corp. has released a line of UPS polypropylene film capacitors especially designed and tested to meet the needs of operation critical applications. The capacitors are used in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in data centers, high density power zones, buildings and industrial processes.

Capacitor reliability and long life essential to UPS systems is accomplished by Aerovox's unique testing protocol. After a standard final electrical test, a high voltage five-minute burn-in/aging test is performed on all Aerovox UPS capacitors, followed by five high current discharge pulses. Developed specifically for UPS capacitors, this testing effectively screens out the potential for early life failures.

Aerovox's UPS capacitors are available in round or oval oil-filled aluminum cases with voltage ratings from 240 to 660 VAC and capacitances from 10 to 120 µF. Many ratings are available with discharge resistors and mounting studs.

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