Power Electronics

Planar Transformers

Standex Electronics introduces a full lineup of planar transformers that deliver high-performance from compact, low-profile designs. In addition to space-saving designs, volumetric efficiency and thermal performance, Planar transformers provide low leakage inductance and repeatable capacitance. Available in standard or custom designs, Standex planar transformers are ideal for various demanding applications including military/aerospace, medical, hybrid and electric vehicles, LED lighting, renewable energy such as wind and solar, and more.

Manufactured of windings that are made of copper foil lead frames sandwiched between ferrite cores, Standex offers four families of planar products to suit specific application parameters from 180W to 10KW.

  • Each family features a large core surface that promotes heat transfer.
  • AC resistance and proximity Cu loss are minimized. Low turns count also improves Cu loss.
  • Optimized core cross section lowers core loss while PCB construction minimizes Cu loss.
  • Modular construction allows design engineers to tradeoff cost versus efficiency.
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