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Partnership Will Produce Supercaps For Handsets

CAP-XX has signed a formal contract with Murata Manufacturing of Japan (Murata) to jointly develop and supply high-performance supercapacitors for mobile handsets and other peak power-hungry, space-constrained portable applications. The companies will initially work together to scale supercapacitor production to meet the anticipated demand of the global mobile handset market. The companies anticipate that volume mass production and sales from this partnership will commence in late 2009.

Murata's manufacturing expertise will speed mass production, while the company’s distribution expertise will expand the sales and marketing of the CAP-XX developed supercapacitors. In parallel, the partners will jointly develop next-generation products with CAP-XX leading the material development. Under the terms of the license, CAP-XX will receive license fees and a royalty based on the volume of sales of supercapacitors.

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