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Package and Process Advances Build More-Efficient MOSFET for Motor Drives

Combining the benefits of its semiconductor process and packaging innovations, STMicroelectronics has introduced the STV250N55F3, a 250-A power MOSFET with a typical on-resistance of just 1.5 mΩ. According to the company, this represents industry-best RDS(ON) performance and enables improvements in motor drive efficiency. In addition, the high current rating of this n-channel enhancement-mode MOSFET can reduce the need to parallel devices.

With its VDSS of 55 V and its max junction temperature rating of 175°C, the STV250N55F3 is suited for use in high-current electric-traction applications. Such applications include forklift trucks, golf carts and pallet trucks, as well as lawnmowers, wheelchairs, and electric bikes. In the future, the device will be eligible for automotive-grade applications.

According to the company, the STV250N55F3 is the first power MOSFET to combine ST¡¯s PowerSO-10 package, which measures 9.6 mm x 14.4 mm x 3.7 mm max, with ribbon bonding to achieve ultra-low die-free package resistance. The nine-lead source connection further reduces on-resistance, in addition to aiding heat dissipation. Implemented in the company¡¯s high-density STripFET III fabrication process, the device offers a typical RDS(ON) of 1.5 mΩ at a VGS of 10 V and an ID of 75 A. Under those same conditions, the maximum value for RDS(ON) is specified at 2.2 mΩ.

Other benefits of STripFET III include low switching losses and rugged avalanche characteristics. Overall, the package is rated for 300-W dissipation at 25°C. Additionally, the MOSFET operates with standard driving thresholds, which simplifies driver-circuit design. Reliability and robustness are assured through 100% avalanche testing both at wafer level and on finished products.

Within the same family, the company also offers the 55V STV200N55F3, which implements a four-lead source connection and is rated for 200-A continuous drain current.

Samples of the STV250N55F3 are available immediately. Volume production is
scheduled for Q3 2008 with unit pricing of $2.50 in quantities of 10,000. A copy of the datasheet is available at www.st.com/stonline/products/literature/ds/14088/stv250n55f3.htm .

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