Power Electronics

New Series of Current Sense Resistors

Bourns, Inc. announced a new series of through-hole current sense resistors with high overload capability and a wide operating temperature range for improved reliability and longevity. Designated the Bourns® PWR4413 Series, the new resistors feature 0.8mm and 1.00mm terminations and are capable of up to 30A of continuous current and pulses up to 78 amperes. These current sense resistors are designed for applications that require tighter precision and higher operating temperatures and can be utilized as a drop-in replacement for other, less durable types of resistors. The Bourns® PWR4413 Series features low inductance, are RoHS compliant* and offer superior protection characteristics suitable for a broad range of products including industrial, automotive and medical applications. This series of current sense resistors meet advanced application needs for higher overload capability and wider temperature ranges.

Electrical Specifications:
* Power Rating at 85° C 1 W, 3 W, 5 W
* Resistance Range 0.01 to 0.1 ohms
* Temperature Range - 55 ° to +325 °C degrees
* Short Time Overload 5 x rated power for 5 seconds
* Temperature Coefficient +900 ppm/°C to +60 ppm/°C**
* Packaging 250 pcs./bag

As a pricing reference, the Bourns® PWR4413 Series is priced from $0.70 in 50 piece quantities and are available now.

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