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Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors Developed for Automotive Applications

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors Developed for Automotive Applications

Murata Americas announced the launch of its RCE Series, a monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) line developed to meet the stringent needs of the automotive market. The new radial, lead and halogen free solution complies with both the AEC-Q200 requirement and the ISO7636-2 surge test.  Measuring just 3.6x3.5-7.7x13mm, the series has a rated voltage of DC25V - 1kV, a capacitance range of 1.0pF - 22µF, and an operating temperature range of -55°C to125°C.

Today's vehicle has many electronic control units that enable absolute precision.  Given that, motor devices are required to be increasingly compact with low EMI noise.  The RCE Series achieves that by smoothing power and removing noise while simultaneously protecting the sensor against surges.

Samples of the RCE series are available starting at $0.06 with an approximate lead time of 10 weeks.

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