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Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Chips Combine Low Profile, High Capacitance

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Chips Combine Low Profile, High Capacitance

Murata Americas has expanded its GRM series of its chip monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) line.  With a low profile (1.0+0/-0.3mm), high voltage (DC500V/DC630V), and capacitance range of 1000 pF to 4700 pF, these new products are ideally suited for the power supply and lighting markets.  The advanced series also enables an engineer's ability to miniaturize designs and realize greater cost savings without sacrificing performance.

To achieve the expanded GRM solution, Murata utilized proprietary thinning and voltage withstanding design technologies.  By focusing on the structural design of the Dielectric layer, inner electrode pattern and dimension, and production optimization, the company achieved the lower profile product.  With today's market demanding solutions that are increasingly compact, thin, and energy efficient, MLCCs offer a benchmark solution in terms of size, volumetric capacitance, and low impedance.

Samples of the GRM series are available starting at $0.03 for 500V/1000pF and 630V/1000pF with an approximate lead time of 16 weeks.

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