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Moisture Resistant, Low Cost Carbon Film Leaded Resistor

The HDM Series from Stackpole is a low cost carbon film thru-hole resistor with superior moisture withstanding capabilities. Standard carbon film resistors cannot withstand harsh environmental conditions such as, high temperature, pressure and moisture combined. Most solutions to this issue involve the use of metal glaze technology, which is far more expensive than a carbon film resistor type.

The HDM is carbon film based and uses a unique material set, processing, and process control to achieve moisture withstanding performance comparable to metal glaze resistors at a fraction of the cost. The HDM will survive at 120°C, two atmospheres of pressure, >98% relative humidity, and rated voltage for 100 hours without failing where carbon film and metal film resistors will fail very quickly.

The HDM is available in ? watt and ? watt sizes, in tolerances as low as 1%, and in resistance values from 1 ohm to 2.2 Megohms. It is an ideal choice for low power industrial controls, security equipment, lighting controls, aviation and aerospace instrumentation, control systems for industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment, marine audio, video equipment and controls.

The HDM series is available in tape and reel and ammo packaging in 5000 piece quantities. Pricing varies with size, resistance value, and tolerance, and ranges from $0.015 to $0.035 each in full reel quantities.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.
Part Number: HDM

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