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Modular Stackable U-Cores For Flexible Large Designs

Modular Stackable U-Cores For Flexible Large Designs

TDK Corp. has developed a new kind of ferrite core: EPCOS stackable U-cores feature a unique modular ferrite design that offers flexibility and economy for high-voltage transformer and HF filter applications. The new U-cores are tooled by and available exclusively from Dexter Magnetic Technologies as Dexter StackPack™ U-Cores. US-based Dexter Magnetic Technologies is a provider of optimized magnetic solutions and distributor of TDK and EPCOS products.

The  modular EPCOS stackable U-cores provide standard options that can fit any application. This is a major advantage in applications that require large ferrite cores but are limited by manufacturing constraints and high tooling costs. As a result, designers have been cutting and gluing large U and I cores together to make them bigger - an approach that is not only imprecise but also expensive. The standardized design of the StackPack U-Cores, which were developed together with Dexter Magnetic Technologies, enables multiple configurations as well as lower costs than custom tooling or machining. With short lead times, Dexter Magnetic Technologies can provide customers with standard modular cores that allow rapid prototyping.

Main applications:

·     High-voltage transformers

·     HF filter applications


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