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MLF / MLFM MELFs Provide Lower Heat Rise Than SMD Flat Chip Resistors

MLF / MLFM MELFs Provide Lower Heat Rise Than SMD Flat Chip Resistors

The MLF / MLFM Series of surface mount metal film MELFs from Stackpole offer cooler operating temperatures at full rated power.  The cylindrical shape provides a termination that is far more thermally efficient than comparable size flat chip resistors.  The solderable end caps do an excellent job of transferring the heat generated from the resistor both into the PCB and into the ambient air.  This means more stable operation under a given set of electrical conditions, which enhances the long-term performance of the part. The nichrome film makes this part ideal in applications that require accuracy and precision along with cooler operating temperatures.

The MLF / MLFM is available in ¼ W, ½ W, and mini 1 W power ratings in 0204 and 0207 case sizes.  TCR's range from 100 ppm to 10 ppm with tolerances down to 0.1%.

The MLF and MLFM Series are ideally suited for a wide variety of power supplies requiring higher power density or lower self heating. Additional applications include industrial controls, utility metering, automotive instrumentation, heavy equipment instrumentation, medical instrumentation and monitoring, test equipment and instrumentation, and audio equipment.

Pricing varies with size, resistance value, tolerance, and TCR and ranges from $0.025 to $0.55 each in full reel quantities. 

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