Power Electronics

Miniaturized High-Voltage Film Capacitors

TDK-EPC has extended its range of EPCOS MKP film capacitors with the new B32671L8* and B32672L9* series. These high-voltage (2000 V DC) capacitors are now available with greatly reduced lead spacing (LS) from 10 mm. Previously, the smallest LS was 15 mm. In addition, the voltage of the LS 15 types has been increased from 700 to 900 V AC.

The new film capacitors are particularly suited for applications with a small space requirement and where the components must offer extended service life and high pulse capability, such as in electronic ballasts for lighting systems or in SMPS.


  • Higher AC voltage up to 900 V for LS 15
  • Higher pulse capability up to 15 kV/µs
  • Size reduction from LS 15 to LS 10 mm
  • Maximum operating temperature + 125° C
  • Case material to UL 94 V-0
  • Typical applications as resonance capacitors in electronic ballasts or SMPS
  • Halogen-free capacitors available upon request
  • Samples available
  • Volume production as of January 2012
  • Pricing starts from $0.07 in 4,000 pieces quantity, and delivery is 12 weeks.
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