Power Electronics

Miniature Tranformers Suit Isolated Interfaces

The Ancrona AL78250 series transformers are exactly matched to the popular isolated RS-232 interface chip set MAX250/251. The MAX250 includes the non-isolated logic and the primary function of a dc-dc converter. The MAX251 integrates two transmitters and two receivers and the secondary electronics of the dc-dc converter.

The transformer transfers the energy from the primary to the secondary side of the dc-dc converter to supply the operating power for the isolated interface. System designers have the choice of guaranteed isolation voltages of 1500 Vrms or 4000 Vrms. Toroidal magnetics ensure lowest stray inductance and EMI emissions.

Dimensions are 9.52 mm x 9.90 mm with a 7 mm profile. Both through-hole and surface mount versions are available.

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