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Miniature, High CV Stacked Capacitors Reduce Component Count and Shrink Board Space

The miniature TurboCap Series features a unique double-stacked construction -- vertically and horizontally stacked capacitors -- to provide high CV values, low ESR values, high current carrying capacity and excellent high frequency performance. The rugged devices are also mechanically robust.

The miniature TurboCap Series capacitors are available in an X7R dielectric and feature a voltage range of 50V to 100V with a capacitance value of 100uf. The stacked capacitors are ideal for DC/DC converters, hybrid vehicles, military/COTS Plus power supplies, medical electronics equipment, industrial equipment, telecom and alternate energy applications.

The expanded TurboCap Series capacitors are assembled using AVX's lead frame technology, which places the ceramic up off the board and dramatically reduces cracking issues as well as susceptibility to shock and vibrations.

Delivery is 8-12 weeks.

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