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Magnetics Company Extends SMT-Inductor Ranges

Stackpole Electronics has expanded the inductance ranges of its shielded and unshielded power SMD inductors. There have also been several series with size additions as well. Among the key expansions were the PCD series, with three additional package sizes, as well as expanded inductance values to 820 μH. The PSDB series has also added three values, now including 1 mH.

Stackpole’s SMD power inductor line includes 5 different series of unshielded power inductors and 8 different series of shielded power inductors. Unshielded inductors are typically specified when the application isn’t sensitive to electromagnetic fields associated with inductors, when the maximum amount of inductance is needed in a given footprint, or when cost is most critical. Shielded inductors, which are more commonly specified, are usually chosen when circuitry that is sensitive to magnetic fields are in close proximity.

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